Everything we currently know about “Stranger Things” season 5

Stranger Things’ fourth season is now complete. The way everything was resolved gave you the impression that the series’ climax would take place in the final episode.

Not at all—still there’s more to come. A complete season is still open. This might be bad news for the young people who must prepare to protect Hawkins—or what’s left of it. The news is actually great for those of us who just can’t stop rooting for Steve “The Hair” Harrington and the rest of this fascinating group.

Discover the easter eggs, connections to previous seasons, and character arcs for the actors in our in-depth recaps of episodes 8 and 9, as well as the season finale recap of episode 9. Here is all we currently know about the upcoming fifth and final season, in case you binge-watched season 4 already. As new information is released, we’ll update this.

When does Stranger Things’ upcoming season premiere?

This is a circumstance that is more enigmatic than what Erica actually found under Lucas’ bed. There was a one-year gap between the first two seasons, a two-year break between the third and fourth seasons, and another two years between the first two. (This explains why the kids are growing up so swiftly; be amazed by the contrasts in our photo collection.) Although they haven’t started filming yet, the Duffer brothers openly confessed to Variety that the wait shouldn’t be as long this time. With the show taking place in early 2024, we would thus anticipate a year and a half. Actor David Harbour, who starred in the movie Hop, forecasts mid-2024.

A temporal jump, exactly what is it?

We already indicated that the children are getting older. Both Joe Keery, who plays Steve, and Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays the age 11 character, are now in their thirties. The last season would be in 1987 because each one has gone on to progress by a year. Although they could be able to catch up to their actual ages if the show skipped more than a year, such as if it resumed when the younger children were about to leave Hawkins.

The Duffer brothers, who are responsible for the program’s creation, have acknowledged a time jump but haven’t offered any other details. Hawkins was, however, practically on fire as season four came to a conclusion, giving the impression that the kids needed to seize the initiative right away. When the Duffers reopen the writers room for their show, they will have to find a solution.

decreases in size

Hopper and Joyce spent the most of season four in Russia, Eleven started filming in California (we’re still waiting on the vengeful Angela from the roller rink to pay), and some of the cast members went back to Hawkins. Although there were rather seamless transitions between the various settings, the Duffers claim that the focus of the final season will be on preserving Hawkins as a community.

Mike is loved by Will Byers.

Given that he was abducted at the start of the first season of the show, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) seems to be the subject of renewed attention. Will has been “a significant component and focus” of the previous season, according to Ross Duffer. Amid rumours that his character is gay and has feelings for Mike, who is dating Eleven, actor Schnapp confirmed to Variety in July 2022 that this is the case.

According to Schnapp, it’s now obvious that he’s gay and that he does care about Mike.

Also making everything Will does more difficult is the fact that he still seems to be able to connect with Vecna.

both Max and Eleanor

The Duffers have informed the audience that the heartbreaking passing of new character Eddie Munson, who gave himself up in season four, is real. Joseph Quinn may appear in a flashback even though Alexei was not given the opportunity to perform the part, but the character won’t have much of an impact on the upcoming season.

The show, according to Max Mayfield, who has been a major part of it since the second season, is unique. Towards the close of the fourth season, Vecna made an attempt on Max’s life in the hospital, much like he had made an attempt on the lives of others before her by gouging out their eyes and dismembering them. Even though she is still alive and in a coma, her condition is not good. Max won’t likely be harmed by the Duffers, however it’s possible that time travel will help her bones and brain to recover.

Expecting another “Running Up That Hill” is unwarranted. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which peaked at number one on international charts in 1985, had a lot of airtime during the fourth season of the show. But don’t expect the Duffers to simply pick another song from the 1980s to advertise season 5.

I’ve already received the query, “What song are [you] going to perform in Season 5?” Matt Duffer said in an interview with Collider. “I declare, “We won’t repeat that.” We shouldn’t try since it won’t work.” That is likely to happen, for sure. Since lightning is notoriously difficult to photograph, there is only one Kate Bush, which is unfortunate.

Again, the finale will last a while.

The conclusion of the fourth season took place over a two-hour period. Though not quite as long, according to The Duffers, the season five finale will be. The time will pass, though, swiftly. A joke about the finale having “eight endings” is made along with the announcement that season five will start right away. Plan on scheduling a lot of viewing time when 2024 arrives.

What follows, then?

The Duffers teased their viewers in a message: “There are still many more exhilarating stories to tell within the realm of ‘Stranger Things’.” “New puzzles, new quests, and new unexpected heroes.”

Additionally, they stated in a statement to Variety that “we do have a spinoff concept that we’re incredibly enthusiastic about.” Since they want everyone to be shocked, the founders claim that they haven’t even told Netflix about the idea yet. In addition, they asserted that Mike’s actor Finn Wolfhard had correctly identified the topic of the spinoff. In the absence of getting Finn to reveal the truth, we will have to wait till that occurs.

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