Drake Memes TRENDING on the Internet after Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Pregnancy News

Every time the dating life of Rihanna’s famous boyfriend, Drake, is brought to our attention, we see Drake memes. The wealthy and entrepreneur’s pregnancy has been widely reported on the internet once again. On January 31st, this year, she announced that she was pregnant. Drake memes have also resurfaced in response to the announcement of her pregnancy.

A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s boyfriend at the time, announced the news of her pregnancy over the weekend. This will be their first kid, and they’ve announced it. While strolling the streets of Harlem, New York, the singer showed off her baby bulge to a photographer. The news of Rihanna’s split from Drake has sparked a flood of Drake memes on the internet.

After being spotted out and about with A$AP Rocky in New York City, speculations started flying that Rihanna was pregnant with their first child. Posing with her baby belly, she was photographed by an onlooker. Miles Diggs, a well-known photographer who goes by the handle “Diggzy,” took images of her when she was pregnant.

Drake and Rihanna have known each other since they appeared in Rihanna’s music video, ‘Pon De replay,’ together. In 2005, the footage was made available to the public. Initially, Rihanna was proposed to by Drake when she was speaking at the Vanguard Awards ceremony. He confessed to Rihanna that he’s been in love with her since the age of 22 and that they’ve been together ever since. Finally, he said, “She is the only best friend I have in this entire world.”

Their courtship was rocky for a long time after they began dating. Drake, a musician, has often used his music to describe his feelings about it. We’ve learned about his relationship with Rihanna through the lyrics of his songs. Drake also said that his relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, went sour once he professed his affections for her. Rihanna said that she and Drake aren’t pals in a 2018 interview with Vogue. On the other hand, they are not adversaries. When Rihanna began dating A$AP Rocky, she covered their matching shark tattoos.

As far as Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are concerned, they started dating in 2020. Before they chose to transform their friendship into a partnership, this couple had known each other for almost a decade. They’ve been to Barbados for vacations, shot music videos, and done a lot of other fun stuff together. An interview with GQ reveals that A$AP Rocky had previously been known for his playboy traits. However, since meeting Rihanna, he has become a devoted fan. He opined that having the selected one was far superior. In the end, the best one will be worth a million others.

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