Dr Stone Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Fiction has a devoted following. And if you add a little science to the mix, the audience will find it more engaging. Science fiction is a common theme in anime. Science fiction is a common theme in many anime, although it’s not always given the attention it deserves. On the other hand, science is the driving force behind shows like Dr. Stone. The anime has shown us how science and the natural world can coexist together for all its fantastical setting (a few thousand years into the future). As a result, fans are anxiously awaiting the third season of Dr. Stone, which has already been shown twice.

Just a Reminder of What’s Happened

Before we get started on Dr. Stone’s Season 3, let’s take a look back at what we’ve seen thus far.

Yuzuriha Ogawa has been Taiju Ooki’s love interest for the past five years, but he’s now ready to admit it. An ominous blue light flashes across the sky, shaking the globe and turning everyone into stone as Taiju begins to confess his misdeeds. It’s been a long time since Taiju has woken up and found the contemporary world utterly devoid of human life. While wandering through the realm of stone, Taiju encounters a live person: his scientist buddy Senkuu. A new civilization may be launched via science, which Taiju learns about from Senkuu. As the minds of Taiju and Senkuu unite, they discover a means to restore those who have become imprisoned.

The Third Season of Dr. Stone Is Coming to Crunchyroll!

The third season of Dr. Stone has a release date, cast, and narrative that we’ll be discussing in this post. Crunchyroll, an anime streaming service, has already set a date for the third season of Dr. Stone. When the Shonen Jump Festa in 2022 was announced, Dr. Stone was one of the numerous series expected to make a huge announcement. According to the statements, Dr. Stone will return in a special episode (Dr. Stone: Ryusui), and Dr. Stone Season 3 will be published sometime in 2023, according to the show’s official timeline.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Cast Revealed!

For the forthcoming third season of Dr. Stone, the cast will mostly be the same as the previous two. We have Yusuke Kobayashi (Food Wars), who might voice Senkuu, & Makoto Furukawa (One Punch Man), who might communicate Taiju in the Japanese version of the animation. Fullmetal Alchemist Aaron Dismuke and Ricco Fajardo will voice the characters in the English adaptation of the anime (Sky Wizard Academy). Manami Numakura, Gen Sato, and Ayumu Murase are among the other voice performers.

Season 3 of Dr. Stone: What Can We Expect?

We’ve seen the trailer for the third season of Dr. Stone, and it looks like the anime will continue to follow the manga as it has thus far faithfully. Riichiro Inagaki, the manga’s creator, claims that the anime would follow the manga’s ‘Age of Exploration Arc.’ Anyone who has read the chapter knows that Senkuu and his pals will set off on a cross-ocean adventure to discover new lands. To find out what happened thousands of years ago, Senkuu and his colleagues will build the spacecraft Perseus with the support of their other crew members.

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