Doors of Stone Release Date CONFIRMED by Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss, the author of The Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy, has vowed that he will read the prologue of his much-anticipated new book, The Doors of Stone, on the condition that fans of his book earn an exact amount of dollars for the charity WorldBuilders, which he founded. Well, luckily for us, the sum was achieved a while ago, and he read the prologue as promised!

Reading a prologue is nothing but a comfort to the readers. Rothfuss, the book’s author, stated on his website, “What exactly is a prologue?” It’s only a teaser: a flavor and a little chapter. The prologue is hardly visible as some bite—a sample of the narrative for those keen to try something new. But, given that fans have been waiting for this novel for over a decade, this little piece is more than enough for them.

What Was the Prologue About?

Now that we’ve heard the prologue, we can see that it’s not that dissimilar to the preambles of the two previous books, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. We can observe that the prologue has a similar title, “A Silence of Three Parts.” In this prologue, we find the famous magician Kvothe, as usual, beginning to tell his narrative in the Waystone Inn. Several sentences are repeated from the previous two volumes. On the other hand, we see fresh metaphors and descriptions that indicate the author’s creative thought. The prologue is as fluid as musical poetry. As you read it, you might find it intriguing. The prologue appears to be more descriptive about the town of Newarre than of the protagonist Kvothe.

So, after finishing the book, Rothfuss stated that it was not half awful. Well, you might say he was being fair to himself since the prologue he read was unique; thus, it is very reasonable for Rothfuss to set a high standard for himself.

On top of that, you’ll be relieved to learn that this prologue isn’t the only thing we’ll be getting from Rothfuss. He stated that he would disclose an entire chapter of his next book, The Doors of Stone, in exchange for his supporters donating 333000 USD to his organization WorldBuilders. And the quota was met in no time! According to his commitment, Rothfuss has stated that the chapter would be released shortly, maybe along with an audiobook version.

Finally, Rothfuss has announced that the 10th Anniversary Volume of his earlier work Wise Man’s Fear would be released shortly. However, the book’s tenth anniversary has passed. In terms of the cause for the delay, Rothfuss stated the same explanation he displayed last year.

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