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Accidents may happen. But what if there was a way to stop an accident from happening? What should you do if you get an injury as a result of the carelessness or error of another person? Perhaps it was a vehicle accident or a fall at work that wasn’t your fault and should be taken up by an injury attorney. In any case, you should seek legal representation for your case. Accidents of this horrific and life-altering kind may leave victims in a lot of pain and with a mountain of medical expenses to pay.

It doesn’t matter if the accident was a car crash or a wet floor that sent you flying through the air; a good personal injury lawyer will fight for the justice you rightfully deserve, which in most cases means monetary compensation. This is the case regardless of the type of accident that caused the injury. After all, accidents might cause your income to decline or perhaps prevent you from working entirely for many months or even years.

You’re already stressed out by everything that’s occurred, so there’s no reason you should have to add hiring a personal injury lawyer to the list of things that are causing you anxiety. Because of this, we are going to provide assistance in expanding your knowledge of the many categories of personal injury cases.

We have outlined the criteria that you should consider while assessing a lawyer for the personal injury case that you are involved in specifically. In addition to this, our category-specific ranking of the top personal injury attorneys in Houston, Texas, has been made public.

DIFFERENT KINDS OF CASES Involving Personal Injuries

Personal injury lawsuits may range from relatively minor ones, like those involving a vehicle accident or a slip and fall, to much more serious ones, like those involving explosions in refineries or houses or even traumatic brain damage. There is a significant gap in the level of difficulty between the various types of damage cases.

As a consequence of this, there is a wide variety of various kinds of personal injury attorneys, each of whom specializes in a certain kind of damage case. Others concentrate their efforts on a variety of different aspects of personal injury law, while others limit themselves to a single practice area, such as auto accidents.

Consider it this way: if you have an injury to your knee, a general practitioner may be able to give you medical assistance. On the other hand, an orthopedic specialist who specializes in treating knee injuries would have far more precise information about your particular condition. In a similar vein, if you need legal assistance for an injury, you should assess your individual requirements and circumstances to choose which Houston personal injury lawyer is the most qualified to represent you in your injury case.

The following are the most frequent causes of incidents resulting in bodily injuries:


Accidents involving motor vehicles might include everything from passenger cars to motorcyclists to 18-wheeler trucks. Car accidents are one of the most prevalent forms of accidents that occur in the United States. This is because there are hundreds of millions of automobiles on the road at any one time. Accidents involving motor vehicles are often caused by distracted drivers who are texting or are otherwise busy on their cell phones. Driving under the influence of alcohol is another prevalent cause of these collisions.

Because using mobile phones while driving is now so widespread, a savvy personal injury attorney will always demand that the opposing party show telephone and mobile internet use data as part of the litigation. This is because the use of mobile phones while driving has become so common. It is fairly unusual for a case to be won or lost based on the data produced by phone providers in litigation that indicates the mobile activity of both parties to the accident that was involved in the incident that caused the accident. In addition, vehicles have gotten more advanced, and as a result, they are now able to supply information in the event of a legal proceeding. This information may include the speed, acceleration, stopping distance, and steering patterns of a driver in the moments before a collision.

At the beginning of 2019, a truck driver was responsible for a deadly accident that occurred when he slammed into the rear of another vehicle that was parked in a construction zone. The action led to the subpoenaing of telephone data, which revealed that the truck driver had been browsing pornographic content on his mobile phone just before the crash he caused.

Unfortunately, the reasons for automobile accidents such as this one are not outliers, and cases filed around the nation have demonstrated that a large number of drivers are distracted by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, and e-mail while they travel on roads and highways.

The best automobile collision attorneys of today have to be more than simply neutral arbiters in the courtroom. The greatest attorneys of today need to be familiar with the technical capabilities of our mobile phones and cars, and they need to be able to collect all of the information that will help them win their clients’ cases.

CASES OF ASSAULT AND BATTERY Cases of assault and battery are not regarded as accidents but rather as purposeful injuries since they are caused intentionally. In some circumstances, the injuries sustained were the result of another person’s purposeful assault, which might take the form of anything from being beaten to being shot.

A popular definition of assault is acting in such a way as to purposefully put another person in fear of being touched in a hostile or offensive manner.

For instance, someone who leaps out of a closet in order to terrify another person might be considered to have committed an act of assault even though there was no physical contact between the two people.

A person who robs a convenience store while armed with a pistol but does not fire a shot is another example of someone who has committed assault. Although there was never any harmful touching that took place, the robber likely gave all of the customers in the shop the impression that they were in danger of being touched in a damaging way.

On the other hand, the battery is defined as purposefully producing a hurtful or offensive touch with another person. This may be accomplished by physical contact. For instance, the person who starts a brawl at a bar and then hits another customer is guilty of the civil tort of battery since there was actual physical contact between the two people.

DAYCARE ACCIDENTS AND ABUSE OF CHILDREN are two examples of terrible events that take place much too regularly. A person who cares for your kid ought to be trustworthy and secure, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. A family has the right to seek justice and be compensated when their kid suffers an injury or is mistreated while in the care of a daycare provider.

Daycares often make hire people who lack the necessary qualifications or experience to meet the requirements of caring for a large number of children. Some employees at childcare centers lack the maturity necessary to do tasks with young children on a regular basis, such as changing diapers, singing songs, and building blocks. On rare occasions, childcare staff have been seen lashing out and even physically abusing the children for whom they are responsible for providing care.

There are occasions when daycare managers accept an excessive number of children or fail to properly staff the facility, which results in their employees being unable to satisfy the requirements of each individual kid. The absence of adult supervision in each of these scenarios places the children in potentially dangerous settings, increasing the risk that they will be involved in an accident that might have been avoided.

In most cases, jurors want to penalize childcare facilities that place a higher emphasis on the monetary worth of the kid than they do on the child himself.

DOG OR ANIMAL Assaults: dog attacks

Getting bitten by a dog is regarded to be a kind of premises responsibility. In the event that a dog bites an individual or the individual’s pet for no apparent reason, the owner of the dog shall be held financially responsible for the victim’s suffering and injuries.

In most cases, a dog owner will not be held accountable for the behavior of his or her pet unless the dog in question belongs to a certain breed or the owner is aware that the dog engages in risky behaviors. One who keeps a “wild animal” as a pet is not subject to these restrictions, on the other hand. A ferret, a snake, a raccoon, or a squirrel are examples of non-domesticated animals that fall within the legal definition of the term “wild animal.” If another person is attacked by a “wild animal,” the owner of the animal is responsible for any damages produced by the assault merely due to the nature of the animal that was attacked.

Marine ACCIDENTS: maritime accidents

Maritime accidents are any mishaps that take place at sea or on the water and often involve some kind of vessel. Some attorneys choose to specialize in marine law and are well-versed in this area of law, which is distinct from the rules that we must comply with on land.

The “Jones Act” is a piece of legislation that, in the majority of legal marine cases, is used in order to provide financial compensation to a sailor who was employed aboard the vessel at the time of the occurrence. The plaintiff has the burden of proving that the defendant was negligent, which may be the case if the ship owner does not offer a working environment that is sufficiently safe for the seaman. Finally, the plaintiff’s harm or damage must have been caused by the ship owner’s carelessness in order for this case to be successful.

It is usual for injuries sustained while at sea to be more serious than those sustained on land. This is due to the fact that maritime injuries often occur kilometers away from land, as well as the fact that medical assistance is sometimes limited aboard seaborne boats.

Due to the huge volume of shipping that passes through the Houston Ship Channel and the Port of Galveston, Houston, Texas, is home to some of the very finest maritime accident attorneys in the United States.

ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE Accidents caused by medical negligence may be the result of any kind of healthcare practitioner, including dentists, physicians, and nurses. Medical malpractice is committed when a healthcare provider causes or contributes to an injury, deterioration of an existing health condition, or a death that was not the patient’s fault. Their duty is to cure and assist you in every way possible, never to do you damage.

Regrettably, several jurisdictions have put onerous criteria on persons who want to make a claim for medical negligence. Before a lawsuit can even be filed, the court system in certain jurisdictions mandates that a costly expert examine the evidence and provide an opinion. Individuals who want to pursue a medical malpractice claim in other states are subject to “damage ceilings,” which effectively ensure that healthcare providers and hospitals will be exempt from financial accountability for their acts, even when those activities include gross negligence.

ACCIDENTS IN NURSING HOMES OR ABUSE OF THE ELDERLY: accidents in nursing homes or abuse of the elderly

When you leave your senior loved ones in the care of another person, you are placing them in the same position of trust as when you leave your children in daycare.

The same problems exist, most notably those related to the overcrowding or understaffing of nursing facilities. The people who work in health care are entrusted with patients’ lives, yet when an avoidable accident or act of abuse takes place, everyone should be compensated.

The majority of the time, lawsuits involving nursing homes are categorized as those involving medical negligence, and the same limits may apply. On the other hand, workers at nursing homes may, on occasion, engage in heinous behaviors that are not covered by the restrictions placed on medical malpractice. Your case against the nursing home will be affected by the specifics of your loved one’s situation as well as the nursing home that was responsible for the neglect or abuse.

PRODUCT LIABILITY Every single day, people use up a number of goods and services that is equal to billions of dollars. We clean our bodies with shampoos and soaps that are designed to make us seem more attractive, but if the components are of low quality, they may irritate the skin and lead to breakouts. We drive vehicles that include millions of components, all of which are designed to keep you secure and give you a sense of calm, but if even one of these components is produced incorrectly, it may result in much more harm. In addition to this, we use items that could include flaws or have misleading marketing, such as the vaping devices sold by JUUL.

Although it is the intention of every consumer product and an expectation that it would be relatively safe, the reality is that many of these products often fail to meet the legal threshold. If anything like this happens, the company that designed, manufactured or advertised the device might be held accountable, which could result in a major product liability lawsuit.

Product liability cases have two primary benefits: 1) they provide compensation for you for injuries caused by a defective product, and 2) they assist in the removal of a harmful product from the market, thereby saving others from the harms and injuries caused by defective manufacturing, design, or advertising. Both of these benefits are important, but the first is the most important.

SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS: slip and fall accidents

Property owners and landlords who are careless are to blame for incidents involving slipping and falling, which are sometimes referred to as premises liability. Their responsibilities include ensuring the security of their property for anybody who may step foot there. These mishaps are often brought on by damp flooring in areas where there are no warning signs to alert potential victims of the risk.

ACCIDENTS ON THE JOB: accidents on the job

It is the responsibility of every employer, just as it is the responsibility of property owners, to ensure that a work area or work site is risk-free for all employees. The irresponsibility of an employer may result in the injury of a worker, which triggers the need for a workman’s compensation for injuries that necessitate the sufferer to be absent from work.

Caution: In order to file a lawsuit against an employer that offers their workers workman’s compensation insurance, the appropriate legal process must be followed, as specified by this subfield of the law.

Those who are not employees of the company or contractors who are hurt on the job are not compelled to follow the procedures that are needed by the workman’s compensation system and are free to continue with a regular lawsuit.



Phone: 713-234-5860 ANDREW COBOS is one of Houston’s best personal injury attorneys.

Attorney Andrew Cobos, who works for The Cobos Law Firm, is an experienced personal injury lawyer who focuses completely on this area of law. He has an amazing record of success as a trial attorney and has been practicing this area of law for many years.
His legal practice concentrates on cases involving motor vehicle collisions of any kind, including those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and so on.
His company also specializes in cases involving explosions at chemical plants, accidents on oil rigs, and other industrial incidents that are unique to the Gulf of Mexico and need specialized handling and experience in order to get favorable trial results.
He will reply to consumers at any time of the day or night, making himself available anytime you may want his assistance.
If you win compensation from your personal injury lawsuit, only then will he earn payment for his services.
He has received a number of accolades in recognition of their remarkable services and maintains top ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.

2) Charles J. Argento

Telephone Number: (713) 766-4680

He has extensive experience representing clients in cases including motor vehicle collisions, faulty goods, drunk driving accidents, medical device litigation, medical malpractice, personal injury, premises liability, truck accidents, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death.
He provides free consultations both over the phone and on his website.
He has been honored with a number of accolades for his work and consistently receives good marks from customers.


(281) 587-1111 is the number to call.

ATV accidents, boat accidents, brain injuries, burn injuries, bus accidents, car accidents, catastrophic injuries, construction accidents, daycare abuse, and child injuries, drowning accidents, drunk driving accidents, maritime injuries, motorcycle accidents, spinal cord injuries, work injuries, wrongful death, and a great number of other types of accidents are their area of expertise. They also handle a great number of other types of cases.

They provide free consultations both over the phone and on their website.
They won’t be compensated for their work unless you end up winning the personal injury lawsuit you brought against the other party.
They have received really positive feedback from previous customers.


Contact information: 1-888-984-1391

Automobile accidents, insurance disputes, marine injuries, motorcycle accidents, product liability, personal injury, and truck accidents are the types of cases that they focus on the most.

They provide free consultations both over the phone and on their website.

They won’t be compensated for their work unless you end up winning the personal injury lawsuit you brought against the other party.
When it comes to contest personal injury claims in the courts, they have never been beaten.

Being the victim of an accident or injury that is someone else’s fault, whether intentionally or unintentionally, maybe a very stressful experience. We recognize that it may be tough to cope with the headache of choosing the correct personal injury lawyer after you have already experienced an accident, whether that damage is physical or emotional.

If you need additional assistance finding a personal injury lawyer who specializes in your type of case, you can chat online with a lawyer from, who can assist you and provide you with legal guidance. The attorney will be able to assist you in locating a personal injury lawyer who specializes in your type of case.

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