Bridgerton Season 2: Who is Lord Jack Featherington?

The first season of Bridgerton finished with various surprises, including the appearance of a mystery Featherington heir. Since the news that Season 2 will be coming in 2021, the tonne has been holding its breath to find out who that may be.

Lord Jack Featherington, portrayed by Rupert Young, is one new figure that might provide an explanation to the inheritence cliffhanger. Fans of British television will have seen Young before, even if he isn’t a household name yet. Since 2004, the 42-year-old actor has maintained a steady schedule, appearing in roles ranging from Doc Martin to Doctor Who. But what exactly does he have to do with the hit Regency drama?

Jack is one of six important new characters entering the group following Lord Archibald’s death at the conclusion of Season 1. Netflix has been tight-lipped on who Jack is and how his narrative will play out, but given that the mourning Featherington ladies aren’t known for taking things lying down, we’re sure his arrival will send shockwaves across the town.

Add in the fact that his new housemate, Penelope (Nicola Coughlan), is none other than the infamous Lady Whistledown (the sharp-tongued gossip writer who uses a curious mix of social commentary and scathing insight to spread scandalous stories about the ton’s residents), and you’ve got yourself a recipe for high drama. This is just what fans of the successful programme have come to anticipate.

Rupert Evans will portray Edmund Bridgerton, the father of the eight Bridgerton children and the husband of Lady Violet Bridgerton, among the other new cast members. Meanwhile, Charithra Chandran will portray Edwina Sharma, a young lady looking for a ‘genuine love match’ who is surrounded by suitors but has her heart set on Anthony Bridgerton. However, the young beauty is stuck in a love triangle with Anthony and her own witty older sister, Kate Sharma (also a new cast member, played by Simone Ashley).

The social season has arrived once again, and as you are well aware, reader, “all is fair in love and battle.”

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