Always Aggressive Podcast: Season 4, Episode 1

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind – This week, Season 4 of the Always Aggressive Podcast premieres with a recap of the summer, the introduction of several new Boilermakers, and a look at the 2022–23 non-conference schedule from Purdue wrestling head coach Tony Ersland and his staff.

The Boilermakers spent a significant portion of the summer on campus, scheduling training sessions around the U.S. World Squad Trials for the U-20 and U-23 age groups, hosting camps, and settling the newcomers to the team in West Lafayette. Five of the program’s seven first-year participants were able to begin their collegiate careers and acquire a sense of the team dynamic.

The Boilermakers 2022–23 non-conference schedule, which was just released, has a few new tournaments as well as multiple opportunities to watch Purdue play at home. Ersland is eager to introduce his youthful team to the local supporters and give them a few opportunities to watch the team before the club leaves on the road for conference play.

Ersland and his team are working to be ready for on-campus recruiting, which will bring in some of the best high school standouts in the country this fall for official visits. The season opener for Purdue football against Penn State is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Thursday, September 1 at Ross-Ade Stadium, so things get underway the following week.

Welcome back! 0:00
Recap of Camp at 3:50 and Summer Events at 9:55
New Kids in Town (13:50)
Schedule for Non-Conference Events 17:37
26:03 Ersland is furious.
Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment (30:35)

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