‘A Million Little Things’ Remains On Track To End With Season 5

Season 5 of the serialised ensemble drama A Million Little Things was anticipated to be its last when it received an impromptu renewal in May, according to Deadline. Even though the network has yet to officially announce that AMLT would finish this season, it was initially not confirmed.

Despite ABC’s efforts to keep things vague—as we previously reported, the network had requested that the AMLT creative team refrain from writing the Season 4 finale as a series finale—the show’s producers accepted the Season 5 pickup with the assumption that it would be the show’s last season. This is how the season has been planned, and it will continue to be the final chapter that will start in 2023.

The DJ Nash-created show follows a close-knit group of Boston friends who are inspired to live richer lives after the untimely death of a close friend. Season 4 of the show ended on a cliffhanger, in classic AMLT fashion. In it, David Giuntoli plays Eddie Saville, Rome Howard is portrayed by Romany Malco, Grace Park is Katherine Saville, Gary Mendez is portrayed by James Roday Rodriguez, Theo Saville is portrayed by Tristan Byon, Sophie Dixon is portrayed by Lizzy Greene, and Danny Dixon is portrayed by Chance Hurstfield.

A Million Little Things, which has received plaudits for its depiction of complicated problems like mental health, performs weakly when watched live but brilliantly when watched on DVR and streamed. In Live+7 Day playback on the major networks this season, the series is tied with ABC’s Big Sky for the No. 1 gainer among adults 18-49 (+133%). A Million Little Things is actually one of just two broadcast programmes from the previous season to more than quadruple its original Live+Same Day adult 18-49 rating after seven days of linear playback.

AMLT is ABC’s No. 1 delayed-watching gainer this season in total viewers (+249%) and adults 18-49 (+547%) after 35 days of viewing across all linear and digital platforms, increasing by more than six times over its initial 18-49 Live+Same Day rating.

Aaron Kaplan and Brian Morewitz of Kapital Entertainment, showrunner Terrence Coli, and Nash all serve as executive producers for the ABC Signature and Kapital Entertainment series. The producing director is Joanna Kerns.

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