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Woman Faces Bias Crime After Spitting on, Kicking, Punching Transit Worker in Portland

Woman Faces Bias Crime After Spitting on, Kicking, Punching Transit Worker in Portland (1)

Newusanews in Portland, Oregon – After leaving a transit worker with a concussion on a MAX train in Portland, a 41-year-old woman is accused of committing a bias crime, as well as First Degree, Assault in the Fourth Degree, and three counts of Interfering with Public Transportation.

Nicole Anne Hileman, 41, was charged with five counts after allegedly physically assaulting and spitting on a TriMet customer safety supervisor on November 9. This was revealed by district attorney Mike Schmidt on Thursday.

The DA’s office claims that Hileman allegedly used racial insults and threatened to strike a guy on the train. The TriMet customer safety supervisor then responded to a disturbance aboard a MAX train in the vicinity of Southeast Bybee Boulevard. Hileman and the man were directed to leave the MAX by the safety supervisor. Hileman and the safety officer stayed on the train as the individual obeyed. The safety supervisor allegedly responded by saying Hileman had taken the man’s side in the argument because she was “on his team,” which she took to mean that they were both of the same or a related race.

In response, Hileman allegedly rose up as if she were about to disembark but spit food-and-saliva mixture over the safety supervisor’s body instead. In response to Hileman’s worsening behaviour, the safety supervisor then restrained him physically until police could make an arrest. In an effort to get away, Hileman kicked the safety officer in the knee and punched her in the head with her fist. Later, a concussion was determined to have affected the safety supervisor. She allegedly referred to the victim as “it” and repeatedly asked what gender she was after police arrived and detained Hileman.

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