Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Will Be Less Anime, More Global

Some of the top Japanese animation studios in the world contributed to Star Wars: Visions’ first season on Disney+, but for its second season, the show plans to take things even farther.

According to Executive Producer James Waugh in an interview with Deadline, the upcoming season of Visions will adopt a more global perspective.

According to Waugh, “The first anthology is anime because we all adore the style of it, but personally my objective for Visions was to always allow it have a more broad palette, because there is so much fantastic animation work going on throughout the world.” There are so many great voices in a variety of various media who are currently concentrating on animation.

Great animation has a long history and comes from all over the world. For instance, French animation studio Fortiche created the blockbuster movie Arcane from the previous year. Beyond the expanded collaborations with international studios, according to Waugh, they want those studios to seize the initiative and fully determine what Star Wars means to them and their own cultures.

“And we really wanted [Visions] to be, in a sense, a “sub-brand” that invited many creators to celebrate Star Wars from their particular cultural viewpoint. Therefore, Visions volume 2 is essentially a tour to some of the most intriguing animation companies in the world. There are studios here from India, Chile, England, Ireland, and Africa. And that was our guiding principle: We wanted their narrative to reflect both what Star Wars meant to them culturally and the myths and tales that could only emerge from that setting.”

Every Future Star Wars Film and TV Series

Disney+ will release Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 in the spring of 2023. Nine episodes from some of the most well-known Japanese anime studios made up the first volume. These episodes followed Jedi, a rock opera, and other plots.

In our review of the first volume of Star Wars Visions, we gave it high marks and stated that it “should please both avid anime watchers and casual fans” due to its magnificent animation in a range of visual styles.

One of several future Star Wars programmes and films is called Visions. Andor, which will debut on Disney+ in a month, is the following programme to be released.

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