‘Grantchester’ Recap: Season 7 Episode 5

At a nearby nursing facility, Will is well-liked, especially by the women. When Will criticises her for being too harsh on the misbehaving Clem Preston, who locks her out of her office to blast a rock ‘n’ roll record over the intercom, the amtron sternly tells Will that the residents are lucky to be there and should show her respect. She dislikes him less than residents like the boisterous Ida Merryman.

The following morning, when Clem and Ida are both missing and the matron is found dead in Clem’s room, it is simple to assume that the two residents had had enough of the matron’s bullying. However, there is blood on the sink, where it appears the nurse hit her head, therefore the death might have been an accident. She might have slipped.

At 8:00 p.m., everyone in the facility was present andaccounted for; the matron wasn’t found until the staff members arrived at 8:00 a.m. Around 9:00 pm, there was a big bang. Despite the rigorous rules, according to handyman Pat Wyndham, everyone was like family, and no one could figure out who would murder the matron.

However, Miss Scott’s discovery of some moonshine glasses in Clem’s room and the paperwork transferring his guardianship from his daughter to the matron owing to “mental incompetence” seem to further suggest violence. For additional locals acting in the same manner, there are numerous uses. Clara, Clem’s daughter, may have approached the matron after learning that she would forfeit her inheritance.

Clara, meanwhile, is estranged from her father and was out on a date the night before. She had no idea Clem was living in a house. After a lifetime of plans and tales, she cut him off, and now it appears that one of his tales has gone too far.

The secret bottle of “turpentine” that served as Clem’s source of moonshine has been found by Geordie and Will. This directs them to Pat the handyman and a still hidden in a locked cupboard in his shed. Only Clem, according to Pat, was aware of the still. Around eight o’clock, Pat and Clem had a drink. At nine o’clock, Pat and the residents watched TV together, and the residents corroborated what they saw.

Finally located, Clem and Ida committed a gun-point robbery of a guy, taking away both his car and money. Geordie and Will seek nearby upscale hotels and discover Clem and Ida happily chowing down. Clem always promised Clara that if one of his projects paid off, he’d drive her to the Ritz for afternoon tea in a flashy automobile. With the claim that he “slayed the dragon,” Clem admits that he pretended to have a pistol and submits to arrest with ease.

But he claims that he was only amusing the visitors at the station. Ida, on the other hand, admits to killing the matron. She observed Clem address the matron with the fake guardianship papers that he had discovered after locking himself in her office. Clem always thought the matron was a monster, and Ida finally stepped in and pushed her. But according to her, the matron fell and banged her head on the pipes, not the sink. Ida is lying; she is unaware of the murder.

Geordie is called away to handle a “Communist” disturbance at the department store: Cathy is organising a strike for equal pay for the female staff, who are paid less than the male clerks. She has shackles provided by her new acquaintance Miss Scott and has shackled herself to the door. She and her companions are brought inside the station by Geordie.

Geordie tells Cathy he understands her annoyance because Miss Scott is superior to Larry but also gets paid less. Cathy advises him to quit concentrating on the past since things change when they start talking about their relationship. He acknowledges that he uses her and their shared history as an anchor because without her, he is unsure of who he is. She explains, “Imagine we’re writing a new novel and we meet for the first time. They flirt, and then they kiss.” For the first time in months, Geordie returns home to sleep.

Will has also had a return of a lover; as soon as he reconciles with Bonnie and the two decide to remain friends, Maya shows up at the vicarage. She has made the decision that she wants to travel and live unexpectedly. Elliott, Georgie’s employer, who used to be her fiancé, now avoids seeing Will at the station.

However, Will informs Geordie that he has sworn off women. He is accused by Geordie of leaving whenever things become serious.

At least Will is helping Mrs. C. by taking care of all of her chores so she can unwind. She confides in Jack that she is terrified of the therapy, and he replies that it is up to her whether to proceed: he will make the most of his time with her.

Will encourages her to keep trying when she informs him she has made the decision to forgo the radiation. He’s simply a boy telling grownups what to do, she responds, before walking away.

More helpful is Geordie’s remark as he gives Mrs. C a hug and leaves the vicarage to return with Cathy and the children. He tells her after thanking her and Will for keeping him alive and sane during this difficult time that he’d give anything to spend more time with his family.

After the mystery of the matron’s death is resolved, Geordie also has wise counsel for Clara. Pat lied about watching TV, and the broadcast schedule reveals this. Pat confronts the handyman, who acknowledges that he adored Clem and his stories. When Clem approached the matron, Pat attempted to diffuse the situation but when she turned on him, he shoved her instead—he hadn’t intended to kill her. Ida and Clem ran away and accepted responsibility in order to protect him.

Clara is informed by Geordie that Pat and Ida both put their lives in danger to support her father; perhaps he has redeeming qualities. Clara, who bailed out Clem and Ida and gave her once-distant father a hug, also heard Ida compliment Clem.

Will also makes the decision to move the relationship along. He gives Maya a call and asks her to join him on a tour of Europe. Bonnie arrives early the following morning to inform Will that she has discovered she has deep feelings for him and desires to be more than friends after they spend the night together. She then spots Maya, though. She exits after calling Will a “entitled arse.” Maya has listened to everything and agrees with Bonnie that Will has misled them both. She tells Will, “I have been deceiving myself about the kind of man you are, and so have you.

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