Everything We Know So Far About Season 3 of ‘Bling Empire’

The Bling Empire has resurfaced! The first season launched in January 2021, and the ensemble will be back on Netflix on May 13 (today, beauties!) with more fashion, fun, and drama. And, as everyone who has seen the first season of Bling Empire knows, the show covers a wide range of themes, from the ludicrous (such as a feud over a massively valuable piece of jewellery) to the unexpectedly stressful (such as the hunt for someone’s divorced parent).

Despite the various levels of instability it faces, the show is surprisingly entertaining to watch—after all, it’s primarily affluent people drinking and squabbling. You might be wondering if Bling Empire will be renewed for a third season if you binge-watched Season 2 in less than 12 hours. After all, countless reality shows of this type have aired for seasons upon seasons (looking at you, Selling Sunset). Here’s all we know thus far regarding a third season of Bling Empire.

Is a third season of Bling Empire in the works?

Season 2 of Bling Empire was confirmed two months after the show began, in March 2021. Netflix only renewed Bling Empire for one more season at the time, thus its future is still unknown.

If season 2 of Bling Empire is as popular as season 1, season 3 could be announced soon after season 2.

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When will the third season of Bling Empire premiere?

If Bling Empire is renewed for a second season, the show will most likely launch in early 2023, like it has in the past.

We don’t know much yet, and Netflix is infamous for surprising its subscribers with its release timetable. The third season of Selling Sunset was announced three months after the second season ended in 2020, and it premiered three months later. Could the third season of Bling Empire air in August? Could it come out in May? Is it going to air at all? IDK! Right now, anything is conceivable.

What can we expect from Season 3?

Several people affiliated with the show have discussed the idea of a third season. Christine Chiu expressed her aspirations for the cast’s future in an interview with PopSugar.

“I’d want to see more artists and creators,” she continued, “whether they’re entrepreneurs, storytellers, dancers, or musicians, or just persons who are displaying additional talent.” “I recognise that Bling isn’t the lifeblood of Bling Empire. It’s not. The bling is what draws you in, but the stories and experiences keep you interested and help me and the rest of the cast make this endeavour relevant and important.”

Furthermore, executive producer Jeff Jenkins told Oprah Daily that if given the chance, the show may run for years. Jeff described the cast as “hilarious, sensual, smart, dramatic, and shrewd.” “We’d all want to stay on this adventure with them for as long as people are interested,” the cast says.

Yes, reality TV escapism isn’t going away anytime soon, so keep it coming.’


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